October 2012 - n°3
ESIGELEC at the Paris Seine Normandie® conference

The Palais des Congrès de Versailles saw the 2nd conference bring economic figures from “Paris Seine Normandie®” together on September 25th.

The conference was the follow-up to the first meeting hosted by the Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CCI) (*) in November 2011 aiming at developing the Seine Valley’s economy to create a Great Paris that opens onto the sea up to Le Havre.

Managers and major figures in the economic, associative and political worlds were invited to take part. Eric Durieux, ESIGELEC Managing Director, was attended the “Avant-Seine de l’Innovation” round table which gave him the opportunity to present ESIGELEC and its research institute IRSEEM’s commitment to training through research and innovation to encourage competition between companies at home and abroad.

The 2nd conference for economic figures provided the chance to discuss the CCIs’ activities in 4 key areas since the 1st conference: Energy, Up-cycling, Mobility and Logistics. Major new features of the Paris Seine Normandie® growth project were also discussed such as aeronautics, aerospace, training, international promotion and many more.

The Seine valley’s CCIs are devoted to the project’s importance and want to make Paris Seine Normandie® the international brand name for a region of excellence.

(*)CCIs of Paris, Versailles Val d’Oise/Yvelines, Le Havre, Rouen , Caen and Eure, regional CCIs of Lower Normandy, Upper Normandy and Paris Ile-de-France