October 2012 - n°3
IRSEEM opens its new innovative campus

CISE, ESIGELEC's research institute IRSEEM's new Embedded Systems Integration Campus , opened on September 6th. Its technological platforms are housed in a brand new 5000m² building in the extension of the school’s main campus. Its activities cover several application development fields: navigation systems, zero-emissions economic vehicles, the electric aeroplane of the future, robot fleets, ambient intelligence, personal assistance, reliability, electric transport, energy systems etc. Over 300 people attended the event with special guest Vincent Mascre, CEO of Aircelle Groupe Safran, ESIGELEC and IRSEEM’s major partner for several years. Aircelle has also set up a shared laboratory in the CISE, providing a test bench for the electrical thrust reverser actuation system for corporate and regional planes. “It’s a great project which has made excellent progress and has completely fulfilled our ambition,” Vincent Mascre said in the introduction to his speech.

Christian Herail, the President of Rouen’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said: “CISE is one of the projects that are in keeping with the CCI’s values: to launch projects to provide economic and innovative growth and help to train young people and researchers. We thus make progress and support companies in France and abroad”. Guillaume Devauchelle, IRSEEM President and the R&D Director of the VALEO Group, added: “CISE is the result of an efficient and unique process to unite training and applied research, major collaborative projects and services, strong local roots, international relations (which actually aren’t that common) and a real enthusiasm for working together.” Didier Pezier, ESIGELEC President and the President of the regional innovation agency, Seinari, added: “I am committed to seeing that the ESIGELEC - IRSEEM group gets the best out of the new campus and that it is an additional source of pride for the region’s technological innovation. In my opinion, it’s a powerful and determining factor in attracting people and companies to our region.”

As for Eric Durieux, the Managing Director of ESIGELEC and IRSEEM: “This new campus has given the region a new asset for the academic and corporate partner network to benefit from. It enables us to go beyond electromagnetic compatibility to increase knowledge and support manufacturers in the field of intelligent embedded systems. I would like to thank Mr. Mascre in particular for being our guest of honour at the opening as we believe it is very important that this campus’ relevance translates into strong commitment from the manufacturers who stand alongside us. We are all in favour of supporting this region’s growth by promoting technological innovation in these fields and we really need you, your presence and your collaboration to make it happen. Our goal is to make the promises for growth that we made about this infrastructure happen. It’s not ESIGELEC’s goal, it’s not IRSEEM’s goal, it’s not 1, 2 or 3 people’s goal; the entire partner network that has been involved in building and developing the infrastructure all share this goal.”

Institutional representatives continued to underline the importance of this new facility for the area during a round table chaired by David Demarais, News Director for La Chaine Normande. For Frédéric Sanchez, the President of CREA (Rouen council) : “It is absolutely vital that ESIGELEC and higher education continues to make progress. The Technopole’s public services must also progress alongside the campus”. Didier Marie, the President of the Seine-Maritime Departement continued: “I am delighted to see that the Seine-Maritime area and this area in particular is capable of designing tools that work together to produce talent and help us stand out on the competitive battlefield.”

After Mrs Florence Robine, the Rector of the Académie de Rouen, announced her commitment to working with higher education facilities to continue the activities related to guidance, social diversity and gender equality which ESIGELEC is heavily involved in. Pierre De Bousquet, the Prefect of the Haute-Normandie Region, concluded: “The government immediately showed their interest in this project, CISE, and provided support from the outset. The government has funded it as part of the Plan with the Regional Council and has made decisions to introduce structural European funds to the project and support it which has significantly helped to achieve this result.”

CISE’s financial partners are the European Union, the French government, the Région Haute-Normandie, the Département de Seine-Maritime, CREA (district council), Rouen Chamber of Commerce and Industry and support was provided by Aircelle groupe Safran.

This new campus has been recognised as an anchor project by the MOV’EO cluster and the Normandie AéroEspace affiliate. It strengthens ESIGELEC, its research institute and more generally the Technopôle du Madrillet’s position at the fore of European research.

CISE building was designed by CBA Architecture and won the Seine Maritime architecture award at the Grand Prix d'Architecture et d'Urbanisme de Haute-Normandie.

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