October 2012 - n°3
ESIGELEC Joins the Concours Puissance 11

Up to now, ESIGELEC has always organised its own selection process for bachelors in line with the Post Baccalaureate Admission procedure (APB).

ESIGELEC has now chosen to join a common entrance exam to make it easier for candidates to get into the School and make its position among other Post Baccalaureate schools clearer.

The common entrance exam gives final year science students the chance to take entrance exams (*) as close to their school as possible thus reducing travel expenses and time.

From this perspective and given that ESIGELEC has always had a close relationship with ESIEE Paris, also a Chamber of Commerce funded school, it seemed natural to join the Concours Puissance 11. All the schools involved in the process, from the FESIC and ESIEE networks, provide college students with a high quality range. They are spread all over the country and share the same values: academic and research excellence, work experience, training, international relations, personal and social development to train graduates that companies recognise.

ESIGELEC Director Eric Durieux says: "Joining the Concours Puissance 11 means being amongst schools whose teaching is based on strong relationships between education, research and international relations. These schools have strong ethics and share the same values."

The Concours Puissance 11 can be taken in 46 centres in France and abroad. In 2013, it will have a pool of 12 Post Baccalaureate engineering schools (**) and 2000 places will be available. It will thus be the 2nd largest Post Baccalaureate common entrance exam (after the Concours GEIPI-Polytech) in terms of schools, programmes and campuses.

(*) The selection process is based on school record, Baccalaureate grades in French and multiple choice written tests in Maths, Physics and Chemistry on May 18th 2013.
(**) Schools in the Concours Puissance 11:
- 9 schools in the FESIC network: CPE Lyon, EPMI Cergy-Pontoise, ESCOM Compiègne, ESEO Angers-Paris-Dijon, HEI Lille, ISEN Brest-Rennes, ISEN Lille, ISEN Toulon, ISEP Paris
- 3 schools in the Chamber of Commerce funded network: ESIEE Paris, ESIEE Amiens, ESIGELEC Rouen

For further information : press release

Contact : Sandra Saas, Director of Student and Press Relations, sandra.saas@esigelec.fr